Airport staff from India

44,000 airports serviced 2.5 billion travelers in 2010. Needless to say, the industry already provides massive employment; and with the talent shortage predicted throughout all sectors and industries, airports too are expected to struggle for appropriately skilled personnel to man the current, as well as projected 10-15 percent increase in air traffic – passengers, as well as freight.

In fact, IATA (International Air Transport Association) has officially announced that ‘skilled personnel shortage’ is already among the top 3 challenges the industry is facing currently. Added to that, the multifold expansion or increase in air passenger and freight traffic is only bound to make the personnel shortage a more severe issue, requiring immediate redressing before it begins to threaten the industry itself.

We, at IMR, have studied and analyzed all the current statistics and future predictions of the industry, and have pro-actively prepared ourselves to help with the airport staff shortage that is already creating personnel demand and supply imbalances in the industry.

Please read through the ensuing pages to see how we’re adequately prepared to assist airports and airport authorities globally, with all manpower requirements they may have.