About Us

IMR has been servicing personnel shortage situations and industries throughout the world, since over 20 years now. We’re renowned for our expertise and excellence in the entire recruitment process, from identifying the ideal talent, to their very delivery at the work site. We’ve been commended each time for our profound understanding of every industry, and hence absolute assessment of talent that would be appropriate for each sector.

Our in-depth study and futuristic analysis of several industries, has invoked us to narrow down and create specialty divisions for certain sectors that are bound to be most severely impacted by talent shortage in the near future. One of such is the aviation industry, or the airports worldwide, which have already started to experience skilled personnel shortage, as we’d already projected in the recent past.

We understand how important the aviation industry, and hence airports are, and how huge a potential they hold to disturbing the world economy. Hence, utilizing our 20+ years of expertise and excellence in specialty recruitments, we’ve created a sub-division within our company, to begin supplying the maximum numbers, and the best talents for airport staffing worldwide.