Recruitment Procedure

Being well studied and aware of the role of airports and aviation in the fast paced global environment of today, IMR follows a very rigid procedure for airport staff recruitment, keeping well in mind, the safety and convenience of air travelers.

The massive industry that aviation is today, we understand that the industry’s employees play a very significant role in the smooth functioning of the industry, as well as in the satisfaction of the consumers (passengers). Our multi-step, strategic and result-focused procedure to recruit the best talent for airport personnel is described as below.

Detailed assessment of the airport/client’s needs: We begin by getting our HR experts along with certain aviation industry experts, to assess the exact needs of the employer (the airport). Here, we take details of the department(s) that require personnel, and the duties that the personnel would be delegated. On the side, our research team studies in-depth about the airport’s locale (country/city), the airlines operating at the airport and the traffic volumes that the airport services.

Search and Identification of candidates: Our executive search department teams up with the aviation industry experts at this step, and in accordance with the details gathered at the first step, potential candidates are short-listed. We pick candidates from our huge database of skilled manpower, as well as several local and national candidates’ search resources.

Selection: This stage of recruitment takes the short-listed candidates through a series of preliminary screening interviews with senior experts of the aviation industry, alongside assessments of candidates’ competence, adaptability and work ethics levels. The candidates’ qualifications, past experiences and references are also obtained and verified at this level.

Presentation of the final selection to the airport authority: Once a list of ideal candidates is drawn up at our end, we present it to the employer/airport authority for their assessment. The airport authority’s HR department goes through this final selection of candidates, conduct interviews via phone or video conferencing and proceed to announcing their final picks. Negotiators enter the picture thereafter, to oversee that the recruitment pay scales are competent enough.

Final Recruitment: At this final level of recruitment, the documentation formalities are taken care of – from the conditional offer letter and final agreement to the visa/emigration and other necessary paperwork. Our pre-departure associates ensure completion of all such formalities to proceed with making the candidate’s departure (flight) arrangements. Our officers stick by through the entire process to ensure completely smooth and worry-free recruitment for you, and go on up till checking on the recruited candidate(s)’s arrival and first reporting at the work site.