Recruitment services

Staffing requirements in the airports/aviation industry are massive, and emphasis on the personnel being appropriately skilled is substantial. For passengers, airports require personnel from the very point of contact of the passenger, through baggage handling and check in, to emigration and security checks, right up to aircraft boarding. Then there is substantial flight/cabin crew or attendants to ensure the passengers have a comfortable flight. Besides of course, staff for aircraft inspections and maintenance to ensure flight safety.

A major portion of revenue for this industry is also drawn from cargo or freight transport which requires an entirely separate department facilitated with accordingly qualified and skilled personnel to operate and supervise this logistics service.

Some very significant airport personnel include the ATCO (Air Traffic Controllers), communication officers and assistants, aerodrome managers and assistants and airworthiness officers – all of these playing indispensable roles in the airports’ functioning.

Then there are of course other departments and functions within the airport, which require managerial, maintenance and administrative officers. Such include personnel managers, economic planning managers, housekeeping managers, commercial managers, stores’ managers and the list is quite extensive.

IMR has acutely studied every aspect of the airports’ functioning and each of its departments and division, and therefore understands like none other, the skill-sets required for personnel in each department, and under every responsibility. IMR has brought in experienced and senior experts of the industry, to narrow in, assess and recruit quality manpower for all airport staffing requirements, for airports around the globe.

We’re readily prepared to supply the following personnel for airports:

  • Airplane Engine Fitters
  • Air Flight Crew
  • Air Ground Staff
  • Air Terminal Operation staff
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Aircraft Finishers
  • Aircraft Mechanics
  • Airfield Billeting
  • Airfield Equipment & Vehicle Maintenance
  • Airfield Lighting Engineers
  • Airframe Fitters
  • Airport Operations Managers
  • Airport Staff
  • Cargo Specialist
  • Computer Software Defence Personnel
  • Dispatch
  • Electronics Personnel
  • Fire-fighter
  • Flight Operation Staff
  • Passenger Driver
  • Passenger Specialist
  • Radar Engineers
  • Ramp Specialist
  • Structural Crew
  • icketing Staff

We additionally invite you to let us know of any other airport personnel requirement you may have. We’re confident of being able to headhunt and recruit the best candidates for such too.