In order to function, airports have to be to adequately staffed, with the staff appropriately skilled per their responsibilities. There is high dependency on air travel globally, for business as well as leisure. Passenger, as well as freight traffic is projected to increase manifold in the upcoming years, hence adding additional pressure on airports to be well staffed, for operations and maintenance.

The number of airports around the globe is already over 44,000 while several new airports are under planning or construction to expand the air network to service more cities, and meet the increasing passenger and freight rushes.

In fact, several news, analysis and survey reports have announced how severe a shortage of skilled personnel for airports is anticipated globally.

BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) has officially announced manpower shortage of over 50% (2010). CAPA (Center for Asia Pacific Aviation) recently issued an entire report titled ‘addressing the skill crisis in Aviation’ and has forecasted requirement of thrice the current number of professionals in this industry over the next decade.

Emirates Aviation College has officially stated – ‘there will be a huge shortage of aviation professionals in the coming years as new airports are being built to meet the growing logistics and transportation needs’. NAMA (Nigerian Airspace Management Agency), managing 27 airports, has confirmed ‘shortage of airport and aviation personnel across all the 27 airports’, in spite of intensive recruitment through the last one year.

ASA (Air Services Australia) as well as a few other similar aviation management bodies have confirmed ‘severe shortage’ of airport and aviation personnel, and are on aggressive headhunting and recruitment spree to recruit airport and aviation staff.

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) audit manual has clearly stated the insufficiency of trained and skilled manpower across its member states.

With official confirmations, announcements and statements as such by several other air traffic and aviation organizations, it is indeed a fact that airports around the globe are facing acute shortage of skilled manpower, and the shortage would only worsen further as time progresses.

IMR, therefore, having studied every aspect of the air travel industry in depth, has prepared itself well, to identify and recruit exacting talent for the industry worldwide, for ground services, as well as air crew.

Please read through the following airport staff recruitment services page, to establish how IMR could be the one stop solutions provider for all personnel needs for the entire industry, through the globe.